At Outwrite, we use conventional HTTP code responses to help you understand what's going on with your requests. An HTTP code status range of 2xx would indicate a successful request. A range of 4xx or 5xx indicates failure.
We always try to explain why an error occurred, and help you to fix your issue. Make sure to look at our documentation and follow the best practices.

HTTP Code description

HTTP StatusDescription
2xxSuccess. Always indicate a success.
400Bad request. Most of the time a parameter is missing or not of the correct type.
401Unauthorized. Make sure your API key is entered correctly and using the correct header format. Head to the Authentication page to fix your issue.
403Forbidden. The API key doesn't have permissions to access this resource.
404Not found. This resource has not been found.
500Something went wrong. An error occurred on the Outwrite server. Try again or contact us if the issue is still happening.

Our error object

	"message": string
	"status": number
	"docUrl": string
Object propertyDescription
messageA human readable message.
statusAn HTTP code response.
docUrlA URL to get more information about the current error.
paramsErrorAn array of messages that help you find out what's wrong.